Complete Solution for Land Surveying with the Drone

Complete Drone Solution for Land Surveying

We have implemented a complete solution which allows the professional to turn their drone into a measuring tool. Such tool enables the user to create business relationships and enter the land survey market with a complete tool for all  topographical operations.

The solution includes:

Parrot ANAFI – The flying 4K HDR camera that you can take with you everywhere on the go.

Pix4Dmapper, the software that enables you to convert photos taken with the Drone in Point Clouds and transform the flight imagery acquired into data that can be processed to create orthomosaics, digital terrain models and much more. We also created a training program that will help you quickly gain the necessary knowledge to use Pix4Dmapper.

Analist CLOUD, designed for topographical operations based on the Autodesk technology, and therefore ideal for point cloud complete management generated by DRONE, laser scanners or other equipment and Pix4Dmapper or Autodesk Recap, compatible with all the most widespread formats. There is also a video guide to help you acquire the necessary know-how for the optimal use of all Analist CLOUD functionalities.

OneRay-RT, the new animation and 3D real-time rendering software able to create animations of DTM (Digital Terrain Models) created with Pix4Dmapper or equivalent software. With its breathtaking animation you can turn your project into an exilirating experience. The dedicated tutorial provides a concrete tool to become familiar with all the OneRay-RT functions.

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