Solar Panels Thermal Inspection


Can InfraPro analyze individual photos without having to create an orthophoto? For example for the analysis of thermal images of electrical panels?

InfraPro can analyze and document a single frame to create a report.

Can InfraPro flag the damaged cells and print the PDF report?


Does InfraPro have a platform that customers can access to view the status of their plants by entering a password?

Yes. The platform is RealBim (

Does InfraPro support radiometric video analysis?

InfraPro does not produce orthophotos. For orthophotos, Pix4Dmapper must be used. InfraPro uses the generated orthophoto and the frames used to create the anomaly report.

How important is the quality of the photos?

Thermographic cameras have a modest resolution when compared to an RGB camera. A 640×512 pixel camera offers a frame quality which can be considered suitable for identifying, with significant detail, a silicon panel HOT-SPOT from a height of between 20 meters and 35 meters.

As the dimension increases, the pixel size tends to become too large to safely identify HOT-SPOTs with modest temperature differences. It should also be taken into account that the flight near the points of reflection between the solar panels and the sun is of particular importance in the acquisition with a drone. The solar disk is automatically removed from the orthophoto in relation to the fact that its position is not constant on the panels with the progress of the shooting. In any case, in the region of interest the acquisition is made significant by the peripheral photograms which, typically, are less defined.

Is InfraPro compatible with a DJI Matrice 210 and a FLIR Zenmuse XT 640×512 thermal imaging camera?

InfraPro is able to process the acquired datasets with all the major thermal imaging cameras available. It is necessary for the camera to be radiometric to obtain reliable data. In the event that the camera is not radiometric, it is possible to produce a report that can be used to identify panels with anomalies due to Hot-spots.

What is the ideal photo number for MW?

A good acquisition consists of about 600 photos for Ha. One MW is about 2 Ha.

What is the minimum and maximum number of images to create the thermal orthophoto?

The parameter used to define the quality of an acquisition is the longitudinal and transversal overlap. In other words, a frame must overlap with the previous (longitudinal overlap) by 85% and with the corresponding of the adjacent columns (transverse overlap), by 75%. In acquisitions with thermal imaging cameras these values are very high, that is 95% and 90%. The reason is the low resolution of thermal imaging cameras.

What kind of photo should be considered in order to create the thermal orthophoto (jpg, radiometric jpg …)?

All types of standard formats are fine.

What type of license is InfraPro sold in?

InfraPro is distributed with a 12 month license. During the validity of the license there is no limit to the number of projects that can be processed. Updates are free during the validity period of the license. One license is active on one PC and can be removed for transfer to another.