Complete Drone Solution for Thermographic Inspections

Complete Drone Solution for Thermographic Inspections

Analist Group has the right solution for many applications that require thermal imaging such as for example Professional Solar Farm Inspection for the identification of hot spots and malfunctioning areas, thermal leaks, building heat dispersion and identification of missing persons in addition to applications in Precision Farming.

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The Complete Solution for Thermographic inspections

ANAFI Thermal , equipped with dual battery to acquire data for post-processing.

INFRAPRO 100: the professional solution which allows for extended flight time with two batteries to acquire a huge amount of data that can be further processed, ideal for extended survey areas. The Matrice features stability, safety and reliability.

Pix4Dmapper, photogrammetric software which converts the Drone imagery to RGB and Thermographic Orthophotos (with the possibility of geolocation) for immediate identification of problems and hotspots on photovotaic panels..

Analist CLOUD INFRAPRO: the Autodesk based software for professional report generation with detailed thermographic inspections.

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Software options for the post processing phase

Analist Cloud Survey Software The Topographic Software for 2D, 3D Land Surveying and 3D Digital Terrain Modeling. It imports data from Total Stations, Land Survey GPS, Lidar, UAV or any other existing collecting data device.

Pix4Dmapper, the software that enables you to convert photos taken with the Drone into point clouds and transform the flight imagery acquired into data that can be processed to create orthomosaics, digital terrain models and much more. We also created a training program that will help you quickly gain the necessary knowledge to use Pix4Dmapper.

How it works

Software info:

Learn how to use Pix4Dmapper

3D models obtained with Pix4Dmapper

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