OneRay-RT: Real Time Animation Software

OneRay-RT: real-time 3D animation software also ideal for Training.

Thanks to its limitless potential OneRay-RT is the ideal software to work on areas of any kind, from indoor urban areas, to suburban landscapes. Just import a 3D model (generated with Pix4Dmapper or equivalent software), download a map from Google Earth with Analist 2017 Cloud, or create one with the terrain editor to rebuild the scenario you are looking for. Add trees, people, vehicles, buildings and add animations to make your presentation more realistic.

A good presentation is the best way to entice your customers.


First steps:



Examples of application:


    For a most complete experience integrate your software with Pix4Dmapper to create models, orthomosaics…, and Analist 2017 Cloud to work directly on the point cloud.

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