GPS, UAV and Software: the Complete Land Survey Solution

Topographic GPS, UAV, Software for professional Topographic Survey

We have devised a comprehensive solution that allows a professional to turn his Drone into a measuring instrument that place himself in the position to create business relationships and enter the topography market with a complete tool for all topographic operations.


The Solution includes:

Drone DJI Phantom 4 a measuring instrument capable of capturing a huge amount of data that can be subsequently processed.

Pix4Dmapper, the program which enables you to convert photos taken from a Drone to Point Clouds and transform the results into data that you can process to create orthophotos, digital terrain models and more. We also have a training course that will help you quickly acquire the knowledge you need to use Pix4Dmapper.

Analist CLOUD, designed for topographic operations, based on the Autodesk technology and therefore an ideal tool for the complete management of Point Clouds generated from DRONE flights, Laser Scanner or other instrumentation and Pix4Dmapper or Autodesk Recap, compatible with all the most popular formats. There is also a video tutorial to help you get the knowledge you need to use the Analist CLOUD functions.

Download the Analist CLOUD FREE Demo

OneRay-RT, the new professional software for 3D rendering and animation in real time. OneRay-RT creates animations on DTM (Digitali Terrain Models) processed with Pix4Dmapper or equivalent software. Thanks to its animations it transforms all your projects in highly professional experiences. Our dedicated tutorial provides a concrete tool to acquire confidence eith all the OneRay-RT functions.