Pix4Dmapper: Software for professional Drone-based mapping



Simply revolutionary. With Pix4Dmapper you can extend the range of your services to previously unimaginable horizons. Do you want to create dimensioned drawings? Detect facades of buildings or buildings of particular historical interest? Access unapproachable ridges? Create stunning videos for your customers? These a just a few of the limitless possibilities we will help you  explore in this section. What are the steps to follow? Nothing simpler. Follow the sections we have prepared for you, and a new world will open up before your eyes.


Proximity Photogrammetric Survey of a Monument



Multi-spectral Survey with Pix4Dmapper


For a most complete experience integrate your software with Analist 2017 Cloud to work directly on the point cloud and the add OneRay-RT to animate your three-dimensional models.

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