Complete Solution for Precision Farming

Complete Solution for Precision Farming

Analist Group provides a complete solution designed for all applications in precision agriculture:  from vegetation classification to identification of types of soil, from vegetation and crops with health identification to area analysis and study. The creation of specific maps with Pix4Dmapper and Analist CLOUD takes the management field to a much higher level.

The solution includes:

– A DJI Phantom or Phantom 3 Professional and b-mobile, the Analist Group revolutionary solution enables our drone to access value-added data of fundamental importance easily and quickly and to be highly professional in the Precision Agriculture industry.

– Multi-spectral MAPIR Cameras, ideal for yield maps, classification and mapping of plant species, increased crop yields, monitoring of forest fires and more.

– Pix4Dmapper, the software that enables you to convert photos taken with the Drone in point clouds and transform the flight imagery acquired into data that can be processed to create orthomosaics, digital terrain models and much more. We also created a training program that will help you quickly gain the necessary knowledge to use Pix4Dmapper.

– Analist CLOUD, with the AgroSENSE module the generation of NDVI and other indexes is easy and immediate. It’s also avaiable a Video tutorial section to enable you to the better use of the Analist CLOUD Functions.


Do you want more? Here is the solution for you:

DJI Matrice 100, the dual battery modular drone ideal for long flight time, it is perfect for an intensive use in every application.

Modified Sony QX1 cameras, ideal tools for UAV use, they make your drone the cutting-edge tool for vegetation mapping and classification. The perfect integration between the AgroSENSE module in Analist Cloud and modified Sony QX1 Cameras makes easy to create real time NDVI.



Precision Agriculture NDVI Analysis


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