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Analist 2016 Land Survey Software



04. How to how to carry out an Excavation with volume calculation using Analist Land Surveying Software.

Video topics:

0:20 – Choose the drawing of your topographic survey

0:28 – Right click on Models, then choose “Create Model”

0:36 – Choose “Select layer from entity” to select the point on the drawing. Right click to confirm, then choose OK

0:54 – Right click on “Triangulated surfaces” and select “Create TIN surface”

1:03 – Choose the terrain model and then click on “Triangulate”

1:12 – Draw a closed polyline to define the excavation profile

1:28 – Right click on “Excavation and Leveling” and choose “Create Leveling”

1:36 – Set your polyline quote (in this exercise we have set 100)

1:45 – Click on “Select Polyline”

2:15 – Right click on “Profiles and Sections” and select “Create Section”

2:26 – Choose the terrain and the project models, then click on “Draw Section”

2:40 – Select the cut area on the drawing choosing the start and the end of the cutting plane line. Then select the plotting point

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