To fully grasp the potential of what you can effectively do with Analist Cloud Land Survey Software and Pix4Dmapper we are going to provide some useful guidelines.

We are going to start from one of the basics and most required operations: Contour Lines from Pix4D to Analist Cloud

In this video you shall see how simple the importation is and above all what you can achieve with the combination of Analist Cloud and Pix4Dmapper

The video shows how to efficiently carry out the level curve importation by first of all opening the DWG file.

Then once the DWG file is open we can triangulate the land surface starting from the Contour Lines.

The model obtained can be displayed in different styles, the one shown on your screen is the shaded style.

At this point we can create cross sections on the triangulated model.

Pix4Dmapper can also generate the georeferenced TIF file which can be opened in Analist and dispayed with the level curves.



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The Drone for Topography
Topographic Solution with the Drone + the Analist 2015 Cloud Topographic Software


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Want to know more about Analist Cloud? Have a look at our tutorial videos with more useful tips.


The Analist Cloud Software with Pix4Dmapper is widely used for Land Survey but not only.

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