Do you need to survey a building, a facade, you wish to import into Revit or any other CAD software? You have been advised a laser scanner butit is too costly? If your answer is “yes”, I want to reassure you immediately: no need to spend huge amounts of money, just a camera and Pix4Dmapper will do the job. In addition to aerial photogrammetry Pix4Dmapper allows you to exploit proximity to the area or object of interest to generate point clouds and 3D models even of buildings, facades, bridges, monuments, archaeological structures, objects and much more. The only limit …… your imagination! You don’t believe me? I can show you! An architect friend of mine, very skeptical, decided to reproduce an old Avellino fountain to import it into its draft of the city redevelopment. Here are some photos he took with his GoPro HERO 3+:

G0030877 G0030892 G0030956  After shooting the photos all he did is feed the photos into Pix4Dmapper and launch processing .This is the result:   fontana-screen    Do you want to try too? You can download the Pix4Dmapper Demo and start now!.

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