The Green Project

With the Green Project at Analist Group we promote the spread of flax seed with their nutritional benefits when included in a healthy diet. Grow your own plant to improve your diet with regular consumption of flaxs eed. The ideal professional lives on an ideal healthy eating plan.

                        “Mens sana in corpore sano!”

When talking about flax seed the first thought goes to a product for hair care, as a matter of fact, their use is widespread in this sector thanks to the special protective properties. What not everybody knows is their utility, benefits and diffusion in our diet, being one of the plants with a high quantity of omega-3 fatty acids. This makes linseed able to protect the body, preventing diseases of the circulatory and effectively fighting diseases like hypertension. The regular intake of flax seeds provides protein, vitamin B and minerals, and is of great help against IBS and cystitis. They also strengthen the immune system, they contribute to cleaning the body and are useful for the prevention of breast  prostate and colon cancer. Recent studies have shown that regular consumption of flaxseed favors

the development of the cerebral cortex of the child during pregnancy.   ECOSENS_schema   As Analist Group is always attentive to ecology and innovation in a very special way, and we allow for professionals and public administrations to access the new Ecosens solution for monitoring and improving the quality of life. Administrations may take advantage of the great opportunities to make public in a transparent, thanks to EcoSENS, any information likely to enhance their own territory to obtain a return in terms of global social evidence which could increase the tourist flows. EcoSENS is designed to be simple, straightforward, scalable and customizable. No effort is required to understand the technology and can provide an unlimited amount of services. A world of great opportunity is waiting for you.

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Open up to new opportunities. With our Integrated Solutions for professionals you will access have the ability to increase your range of services to offer to your customers. Professional, technical equipment, software and training. All with seamless integration.


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