Your DJI Phantom Drone with the FLIR Thermal Cameras technology

Do you need a professional tool for thermographic inspections? Do you need for constant and continuous monitoring and assessment without spending a fortune? This is all possible now! The perfect solution is the b-mobile VUE. The only cheap and versatile tool which allows you to put together the grand features of the DJI Phantom Drones and the best FLIR Vue Pro thermal cameras. With the b-mobile VUE you can visualise the live streaming on a monitor to check what the camera sees.

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Phantom3_FLIR_VUEPROThe new b-mobile Vue is simple to use, all you have to do is insert the mount to your Phantom 2, 3 and 4 Drone to start flying with a perfect tool to start professional thermographic flying. With all teh Analist group b-mobile solutions, the assembly and the disassembly are fast and intuitive, the Official DJI Warranty is never compromised, specific engineering skills are never required and last but not least the weight does not compromise in any way flight stability and battery life. b-mobile Vue has been designed to firmly secure the Thermal camera to the drone. Learn more about the b-mobile Vue

Uses of the b-mobile Vue:

  • Photovoltaic Panel Inspection
  • Water leaks
  • Safety and security
  • Fauna monitoring
  • Missing persons
  • Inspection, protection and fire analysis
  • Analysis and research in Precision Farming
  • Thermal dispersion in buildings
  • Electrical towers and telephone lines inspection
  • Security checks


b-mobile Vue benefits:

  • Practical and inexpensive
  • Simple and fast to mount and dismount
  • No interference with the Phantom asset
  • No problem with the aircraft warranty, the b-mobile is mounted and dismounted with absolutely no interference with the Drone
  • Invaried flight stability
  • Solid and indestructible
  • Ideal for Thermography
  • Compatible with all Phantom series Drones


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