DJI Phantom 4, top of the range Drone

Finally available the newcomer at DJI. An arrival in style for the new Phantom 4, a style worthy of Apple. You immediately notice from the packaging that we are dealing with a product by the high sleek design which is much more robust signaling a new path compared to the previous versions. The search for detail and the refined style make this a unique and unprecedented Drone. The box is now compact, convenient and easy to carry to have your Drone with you at any time. it has an integrated locking system never seen before. The installation of the propellers no longer takes place by screwing them but now they are fitted with a simple “click”. The design is with sinuous curves, the colour no longer opaque but glossy and elegant.

Phantom 4

New DJI Phantom 4

What’s in the box?

The box is unique. It becomes a comfortable and safe transport with which you can move with your drone. Inside it you will find :

  • DJI Phantom 4 aircraft
  • Remote controller
  • Phantom 4 Intelligent Flight Battery
  • Mobile device holder
  • Two sets of propellers and propeller storage bag
  • Charger and power cable
  • Gimbal clamp
  • 16GB MicroSD card, MicroSD cable, and carrying case
  • Manual and supporting documents

Phantom 4 contenuto della scatola

Great new Phantom 4 features

  • Active Track oR Active Flight System
  • 4K 30 fps and 1080p 120fps video
  • 20m/s (72 Km/h) maximum speed
  • Automatic obstacle avoidance
  • TapFly system
  • Track subjects without a tracking device
  • 12 megapixel, Adobe DNG RAW photos
  • Full manual remote camera control, long-range live feed from camera
  • Ready to fly out of the box


Let’s take a closer look at the Phantom 4

The drone has improved aerodynamics. The gimbal, more compact and resistant, which supports the camera is fixed on both sides and the effect of friction of the air has been reduced so that the camera stays in the center of gravity of the drone. The Phantom 4 is provided with a new battery of 5350 mAh high capacity for a prolonged flight time reaching 28 minutes with a maximum distance of 3.5km range. Although with a new battery with more capacity the new Phantom retains a weight of 1.380 grams having added only 100 grams more than the Phantom 3 Professional. The strongest point are the propellers that are clearly different from the previous versions for the mounting system which is now “a clip”. The coloured stripes on the arms have disappeared thus showing a more “sexy ” line to quote the words of Frank Wang DJI.
Phantom 4 Eliche

Immediate and intuitive propeller protection opening

Improved 4K videocamera

The camera has a 4K resolution, but has been improved: the frame rate is 120 fps at 1080p and up to 30 fps in 4K. The video signal transmission is always DJI Lightbridge and transmits videos at  a720p stream. The camera is equipped with a spherical lens with a 94 ° field of view ( FOV ) and reduces the distortion by 36 %, and the chromatic aberration by 56 % compared to the previous Phantom. The one meter hyperfocal length allows the approach to objects while maintaining sharpness. In addition to videos, the camera can take up to 12 megapixels photos.


New smart “Obstacle Sensing System” Sensors

Great novelty are the sensors and advanced controls of the new DJI Phantom 4 that make it an “Intelligent Drone”. It has 5 optical sensor systems: the video camera mounted on the Gimbal, 2 sensors on the bottom and two placed on the front part of the drone which through the ActiveTrack allow the Phantom 4 to automatically avoid obstacles and to follow and maintain the objective of the camera on a subject. To avoid the obstacle, the drone slows down to a stop in mid-air and can ” unlock ” only with the pilot’s command.


TapFly is the new feature that allows the Phantom 4 to take off automatically and to fly to a point we marked and mapped with the App. This new feature lets you continue the filming of subjects which are moving and maintain the frame stability at all times by simply tapping the screen twice and the drone automatically calculates the best route while avoiding obstacles. If during the automatic flight you decide to change your destination, simply touch a different point of arrival and the Phantom 4 recalculates your route in a few milliseconds

Redundant system of analysis of flight information

The Phantom 4 is equipped with double compass and double IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit  to prevent inconsistencies in the data acquired by the compass and the IMU system (Inertial Measurement Unit). The drone constantly compares and analyzes in real time the data received by both systems thus achieving the safest flight operations.

Phantom 4 flight mode

With the new DJI Phantom 4 you can choose different flight modes. In the Position mode you can use the GPS and Vision Positioning System, in the TapFly mode, simply tap on a smartphone or tablet screen to fly the drone, the Sport mode adds flexibility and more power to the aircraft reaching 72km/h keeping the satellite positioning systems active and maintaining vision. The Atti mode fixed keeps the altitude of 4 Phantom.


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