Tetracam Data Processing

You have a Tetracam multi-spectral camera and you don’t know how to process the data from your flight? Although you can very simply process everything with Pix4Dmapper, the process fails? No worries. There is a solution at your fingertip. Just a few minutes and the job is done. All you need is PixelWrench2.

PixelWrench 2 – GPS Distiller

Firts of all start PixelWrench2, so click on View and Launch GPS Distiller. A new window will open. Click on Distill Logs and select the images on the SD card, so save the GPS file.

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PixelWrench 2 – IndexTools Matrix

Adesso vai in view e clicca su IndexTools, nella scheda Matrix è presente la procedura per la calibrazione del sensore radiometrico (usando il file CPF della camera). È possibile procedere anche senza questo passo, ma il valore radiometrico sarà meno accurato e può alterare la generazione di indici come l’NDVI.

PixelWrench 2 – IndexTools Batch

Open Batch and check: if SAVE Original is selected, TIF as output file and make sure that the distorsion is not selected. Select the folders with the original images are saved and then select the destination folder. Quite simple, don’t you think? At this point open a New Project with Pix4Dmapper, insert the name and add the images then click on Next. In the Image Geolocation section, under Geolocation and Orientation, click on From File, choose Tetracam as file format and select the .GPS file previously created.

Pix4Dmapper – Edit Camera Model

In the Selected Camera Model section click on Edit and make sure the camera model name contains the word Tetracam, and that the parameters are not blank or equal to zero, and also that the bands are NIR, Red and Green. To edit click on Edit and then OK.   Select the Agriculture Template and you can finish the new project creation.

Pix4Dmapper – Processing Options

Click on Process, then Local Processing and Options. Make sure that the Alternative calibration method is selected, internal parameters optimization on Leading and external parameters optimization on All. Finally clock on OK and process. In case of failure try setting parameters optimization on None.

Pix4Dmapper – Index Calculator

Open the View menu and scroll to reach the Index Calculator to work on the Reflectance Map and others such as the NDVI Maps.

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