OneRay-RT, Pix4Dmapper and Analist 2016: the complete solution

You’ve carried out surveys and looking for a program to create an animated environment? Are you preparing a project for the redevelopment of an area and want to present it with a touch of class? You want it easy to use and compatible with leading CAD and BIM? So you’re looking OneRay-RT, the software for the real-time animation.

A detailed Professional Presentation is the best way to entice your customers.

Quarry and disused surveying and requalification is a great business opportunity. Animate your landfill remediation in a natural context where you can insert grass and trees with a breeze effect. With water control you can add rivers and lakes or even create overflows and flooding in high risk areas. Reconstruction of military bases and war scenes has never been so realistic, thanks to advanced lighting and graphics management in the Pro version. The application of customized materials to objects widen the possibilities to create an extraordinarily effective presentation. The Pro version includes Smart Interactions feature, interactive animations which can be activated at any time.

OneRay-RT imports files from the most widespread CAD softwares and from Analist 2016 CLOUD and Pix4Dmapper.
OneRay-RT imports files from the most widespread CAD softwares and from Analist 2016 CLOUD and Pix4Dmapper.

With the Analist Complete Solutions you can expand your possibilities, it is most simple! OneRay-RT will be your answer! Thanks to its compatibility with leading CAD softwares it imports any 3D models you need to enrich the scene with details of great interest. Importing Digital Terrain Models (DTM) you created with Pix4Dmapper and animating your project has never been easier. Presenting your work in the most professional manner will be your greatest asset. Thanks to seamless integration with Analist 2016 CLOUD you can download a map from Google Earth and enhance it with the addition of plants, houses, objects or changes to the ground. You have all the tools to make your animation spectacular and electrifying. Discover the complete solution with the DRONE. Want more information on OneRay-RT? Take a look at our video tutorials on OneRay-RT