Point Cloud: Distance, Angles and Area Measurements in just one click with Analist Cloud Explorer!

Are you carrying out the reconstruction of a 3D model, you have your point cloud and you want to carry out some measurements? You don’t know how? Do you want to take measurements in your Point Cloud in .LAS format in just a few clicks? Now you can with Analist CLOUD Explorer, last born at Analist Group.


Analist Cloud Explorer loading  

NB: Analist CLOUD Explorer is a new function of Analist 2016 CLOUD


With Analist CLOUD Explorer, besides visualizing a Point Cloud in .LAS format it is now possible to carry out distance, angles and area measurements very quickly and very easily.

How to Scale your Point Cloud

If your Point Cloud isn’t accurately scaled, you can scale it in just one click with Analist CLOUD Explorer. All you need is one known measurement and with the reduction in scale function all the cloud will be scaled automatically and it will be possible to take all the accurate measurements from point to point.

Watch our video to see how simple it is to take all your measurements


For more information on Analist CLOUD Explorer, call Analist Group +39 0825 68 01 73 o Request information Misurazione distanza da punto a punto: Analist Cloud Explorer

 Do you know how to create a Point Cloud from your Photos? TRY Pix4Dmapper!


In addition to the measurement and scale functions, Analist CLOUD Explorer presents interesting settings for a better visualization of your Point Clouds:

– Possibility to set size, shape and density of the points to obtain a more and more well-defined image of the cloud;

– Possibility to set the material of the points so that you can visualize a digital terrain model.

Material Setting
Different material of the points in a Point Cloud with Analist Cloud Explorer

Try Analist CLOUD Explorer The Point Cloud in the example above was created with Pix4Dmapper, bare in mind that Analist CLOUD Explorer can open and mange any Point Cloud (in a .LAS format), also generated with other softwares.

 For more information on Analist CLOUD Explorer, contact Analist Group now +39 0825 68 01 73 or Request information 

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