The Drone and the new business opportunities for surveyors, engineers, architects, archeologists and geologists

Great success for the presentation of the new Drone DJI, the event organised by Analist Group, official DJI partner entitled: “Nuovo Drone DJI  Phantom 3, Opportunità di Business tra innovazione, ricerca e sicurezza stradale”. The event held on July 18th at the Aero Club in Benevento in cooperation with HobbyHobby Italia has obtained an unprecedented success for the South of Italy.

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At the event the most representative organisations of land surveyors played a key role: Collegi dei Geometri e Geometri Laureati delle province di Avellino, Benevento, Napoli e Salerno always very attentive to new technologies and innovation. During the event expert speakers who illustrated the new business opportunities which the Drone offers to all professionals who wish or need to perform Architectonic SurveysArcheological SurveysCar Traffic Accident Reconstruction, the use of the Drone for Geology and the Drone for Training and Research with special attention to softwares:Pix4Dmapper and Analist Cloud 2016. The talks of expert speakers from the most important Italian Universities have had a great success among all those who have taken part in the event.

  • Colonnello Venanzio Rapolla Aero Club Benevento
  • Prof. Luigi Petti University of Salerno
  • Prof. Alfonso Santoriello University of Salerno – Ancient APPIA Landscapes 
  • Prof. Luciano Maria Rendina University of TorVergata
  • Ing. Roberto Tartaglia Polcini Board member of ACI – ACI: the Drone and road safety
  • Dott. Roberto D’Orsi Commissione A.P.C. – ORG Campania – the new applications of the DRONE in Geology – Real use case
  • Prof. Luca De Vito University of Sannio
  • New Pilot Experience for Hobby Hobby Italia Alessandro Rabbia, Flavio Dolce and Guido Bernacchi

The talks have masterfully illustrated the versatile use of the Drone in the most diverse fields of application with special attention to the data obtained and the centimeter accuracy of all measurements in such a short period of time. With the great partecipation of the most prestigious Italian Universities great importance has been given to Training and  Research with the involvement of young emerging professionals.

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Analist 2016 - Vesuvius Model
Analist 2016 – Vesuvius Model

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Other sectors in which the Drone technology can be applied:

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Complete Solution  with the Drone, Pix4Dmapper and Analist CLOUD 2016
Complete Solution with the Drone, Pix4Dmapper and Analist CLOUD 2016