How to install Analist CLOUD, Land Survey Software

You can download the Analist CLOUD DEMO by clicking HERE.

1. Double click on the downloaded file, then click Next to Continue.

2. At the end of the process, you will see a window (see below). Click Install.

How to install Analist 2016 CLOUD
Click Install


3. Accept the License Agreement by selecting “I Accept“, then Next.

How to install Analist 2016 CLOUD
Select “I Accept”, then Next


4. Choose Install.

How to install Analist 2016 CLOUD
Choose Install


5. Click “Finish“. Now you are ready to use Analist CLOUD software.

How to install Analist 2016 CLOUD

How to Activate Analist CLOUD

When you purchase or download Analist CLOUD, you receive an activation code. Use it to activate your software when requested.

As it is requested, key in your activation code you received when you purchased the software or when you downloaded the Software DEMO.

Type in your activation code
Type in your activation code

ATTENTION: If after installing Analist CLOUD your computer is unable to launch the Software, the issue is very likely to be due to your antivirus installed, which blocks the program launch. If you are using an antivirus and you can’t start Analist CLOUD, it is highly recommended to momentarily disactivate the antivirus and then launch Analist CLOUD. This most surely is the best solution: now Analist will be up and running.



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