Multi-spectral imaging in an affordable mapping solution with Phantom Mapir powered by Analist Group

The joining of Analist Group with Mapir has enabled us to devise the accesssible solution for precsion farming. We are proud partners to US leading company in compact, powerful, affordable imaging soluitions.

Mapir: Compact powerful and affordable

MAPIR provides compact yet powerful cameras at an affordable price. While these cameras are most often used for aerial survey mapping, they can also be used in many other industries. Whether you need to assess agricultural health (NDVI, ENDVI), resource distribution (seeds, water, fertilizer), or mapping a construction site.

The Analist Group Phantom Mapir: Customizable Drone for Precision Farming

The Analist Group Phantom Mapir is the customizable Drone for Precision Farming which allows you to analyze and monitor health vegetation of your crops, generate orthomosaics, NDVI maps, yield maps, point clouds, 3D Models, Contour Lines and much more.


Analist Group is among the elite of European partners to Mapir. Contact us for more info.


Analist Group is Official Mapir Reseller for Italy
Analist Group is Official Mapir Reseller for Italy


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