PLC System, world leading Company in renewable energy, uses the Phantom 336-IR for the inspection of its photovoltaic systems.

What we are about to show you is a real case implementation of photovoltaic system inspection with the PLC System  Drone 336-IR, a company we are proud to list among our customers.

How are critical points identified on photovoltaic panels with the FLIR TAU 2 thermal camera?

When you need to monitor a large photovoltaic system or many panels at once, the best Solution is undoubtedly the Analist Group Phantom 3336-IR. In order to obtain consistent benefits, both in terms of time saving and accuracy of the detection, it is possible to carry out regular flights with the DRONE 336-IR.

Wih this UAV you can cover a vast area in only a few minutes. Its flight time is about 20-25 minutes. The Phantom 336-IR mounts a FLIR TAU 2 Thermal Camera and a video recorder to save the thermal images. From the analysis of the thermal video (as you can see above) it is extremely simple to identify the panels with issues. At this point you simply continue a detailed assessment using a thermal radiometric camera.

 The Phantom 336-IR

  • Ready to fly DRONE Phantom 2
  • Flight time: 25 minuti
  • FLIR TAU 2 336 9mm
  • Gimbal for FLIR TAU 2 image stabilizer
  • Remote control included
  • DRONE battery included
  • 2 sets of propellers included

DRONE Phantom 336-IR Features

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Phantom 2 with the FLIR TAU 2 thermal camera
Phantom 2 with the FLIR TAU 2 thermal camera

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