What is our vision at Analist Group?

It is believed that UAVs are widely successful and ground-breaking. They are at their peek today. For how long will it be so?

At Analist Group we believe that the Drone is yes, a great opportunity but not in itself… well at least not any longer.

It is our strong belief that the Drone alone is not enough anymore. In the fast growing hyper-technological era we are in, Analist Group developers are innovative precursors of what the future will be for many fields of application: from Topographic Inspections to Multi-spectral Imaging, from Thermographic Inspections to Nuclear emissions Detections.

The Drone for Topography
Topographic Solution with the Drone + the Analist 2015 Cloud Topographic Software


Learn more about what you can do with the Drone for Topography


Drone for multi-spectral Imaging
Drone with a multi-spectral Camera

Learn more about what you can do with a Drone with a Multi-spectral Camera.


Thermographic Inspections with the Drone
F550-IR-Go4 Drone Solution for Thermographic Inspections

Learn more about our Drone Solutions for Thermography

From an in-depth analysis at Analist Group we have come to the conclusion that it’s the added value to the Drone that makes the difference. It’s not the Drone but what we can do with it that counts the most.

The focus now is on what we add to the Drone and what we can achieve with it, so by adding key features to the UAV we achieve what was once unachievable…..