How to generate and analyze the NDVI of a Vineyard with the Drone for Precision Farming.

Do you want to monitor the health condition of your vineyard? Are you a professional who wants to provide the service for NDVI monitoring of a Vineyard or a Crop? Analist Group has the Complete Solution which is accessible to everyone for Precision Farming: Phantom MAPIR. The Complete Solution for Precision Farming Phantom MAPIR: real case application of survey and NDVI analysis of a Vineyard.

NDVI Vineyard obtained with the Drone for Precision Farming
NDVI Vineyard obtained with the Drone for Precision Farming

Procedure for data acquisition and NDVI map generation

  • Site analysis and flight planning;
  • Flight execution with automatic procedure and image acquisitioni;
  • Image processing with Pix4Dmapper to generate the orthomosaics and the NDVI;
  • NDVI analysis and interpretation;
  • Targeted intervention planning (pesticides, fertilizers,etc.).

Technical details:

The flight was carried out with a Phantom MAPIR by Analist Group equipped with MAPIR Visible Light RGB and  MAPIR Blu NDVI + NIR cameras.

  • Equipment used: Phantom MAPIR Solution with Visible Light RGB camera and MAPIR Blu NDVI + NIR camera
  • Flight height: 110m
  • Shooting sequence: 1 frame every 3 seconds
  • Flight time: 20 minutes
  • Speed: 10m/s
  • Surveyed area: about 8 hectares
  • Data obtained: Orthmosaic, NDVI Map


Results obtnained: Orthomosaic and NDVI

The Visible Light RGB Mapir camera mounted under the Phantom MAPIR allowed us to obtain an RGB set of photos which were then processed with Pix4Dmapper Photogrammetric Software thus generating the Orthomosaic of the vineyard as shown in Pic. 1.

Vineyard Orthomosaic with Pix4D
Vineyard Orthomosaic with Pix4D

The orthomosaic generated with Pix4Dmapper can be used for:

  • Grapevine counting;
  • Distances, areas and volume calculations;
  • Contour Lines;
  • Cross profiles and Sections, Areas and printing Layout with Analist 2016 CLOUD.
Analist Land Survey Software
Analist Land Survey Software

With Pix4Dmapper you can also generate 3D models in scale and geolocated directly from the photos taken with the Drone or camera.

Try how to generate a 3D model with Pix4Dmapper!

Pix4D FREE Download Watch what can be done with Pix4Dmapper Learn how to animate your 3D model

NDVI image from MAPIR Blu NDVI + NIR camera

To obtain the NDVI map and analyze the health condition of a grapevine we have used a MAPIR Blu NDVI + NIR and a MAPIR Visible Light RGB. The images processed provided a detailed map of the cultivation status.The NDVI map is essential in order to immediately understand which areas are healthy and where intervention is required.

NDVI Vineyard with the Drone for Precision Farming
Fig 2: Vineyard NDVI Image
NDVI Vineyard scale
NDVI Vineyard scale

How to accurately and correctly read the NDVI Map

The NDVI Map we obtained allows you to immediately assess the cultivation health condition. With reference to the NDVI index scale on the bottom left in Pic. 2 the pixels with a value which varies between -0.18 and -0.2 NDVI represent a non-vegetation state; the pixels listed with a value between +0.6 and +0.23 NDVI represent the vegetation and its health condition: the areas in a better condition are represented in RED; the less healthy are GREEN – YELLOW. The NDVI vegetation scale is: DARK BLUE-> BLUE -> GREEN -> YELLOW -> ORANGE -> RED. It is consequently immediately clear which areas need targeted intervention.

NDVI RAW Orthomosaic (raw, not processed) from photos shot with MAPIR Blue NDVI + NIR Camera

NDVI RAW Orthomosaic (raw, not processed) from photos shot with MAPIR Blue NDVI + NIR Camera
NDVI RAW Orthomosaic (raw, not processed) from photos shot with MAPIR Blue NDVI + NIR Camera


The real application case here shown, illustrates that with a 20 minute flight it is possible to obtain the NDVI Map of an approximately 8 hectar vineyard making it immediately possible to plan targeted interventions on the cultivation with considerable time and cost saving.


Why choose the new DRONE for Precision Farming: Phantom MAPIR?

  • Accessible and affordable Solution (Request Information)
  • Simple to use
  • Training courses included in the Solution
  • Massive added value data Acquisition in just a few minutes (NDVI – ENDVI)
  • Targeted intervention planning with cost and time saving
  • Possibility to carry out continuous and low cost monitoring of cultivations
Phantom MAPIR Drone for Precision Farming
Phantom MAPIR Drone for Precision Farming

More information on the Solution for Precision Farming with the DRONE Analist Group is MAPIR Official Partner

Analist Group Official Partner and Reseller for MAPIR in ITALY
Analist Group Official Partner and Reseller for MAPIR in ITALY