How to install and activate Pix4Dmapper FREE

Important: Internet connection is required to download and to install the software.

Download the software following:

1. Go to
2. Download Pix4Dmapper.


Once the software has been downloaded, install it using the following steps:

1. Double click on the downloaded file. The Pix4Dmapper Setup wizard starts.
2. (optional): If the Open file – Security Warning pop-up appears, click Run.

install and activate Pix4Dmapper

3. On the Pix4Dmapper Setup pop-up, in the Welcome to the Pix4Dmapper Setup Wizard screen, click Next >.

install and activate Pix4Dmapper

4. Read the End-User License Agreement, select “I accept the terms in the License Agreement” and click Next >.
install and activate Pix4Dmapper

5. (Optional) Click Browse… to change the destination path for the installation.
6. Click Next >.
install and activate Pix4Dmapper

7. Click Install.
install and activate Pix4Dmapper

8. (optional) On the software information window: “Do you want to allow the following program to install software on this computer?”, Click Yes.
9. Click Finish.
install and activate Pix4Dmapper

10. A shortcut is created on your desktop and the software opens automatically once the installation is completed.
install and activate Pix4Dmapper

11. The first time you open the software, the Pix4Dmapper Login window appears: (If a proxy server is used to connect to internet, click Proxy… and follow these instructions: 202560089)
install and activate Pix4Dmapper

12. If you already have an account, type your email and password and click Log In.
install and activate Pix4Dmapper

If you do not have an account:

1. Click Create New Account.
2. Complete the online form.
3. You will receive by email a confirmation email to activate the account, open the email and click Confirm my email.
4. Go back to the Pix4Dmapper Login window, type your email and password and click Log In.

Pix4Dmapper opens and you are now ready to start using the software!


Pix4Dmapper Discovery includes all the features of the full version, allowing you to learn now features of Pix4Dmapper. The only restrictions relate the export block and the disabling of orthophoto generation. If you want to try the fully functionality Pix4Dmapper PRO Software, you can easily activate it:

How to activate Pix4Dmapper Pro Trial, all the Pix4Dmapper functions for 7 days.

1. Access the Pix4Dmapper Discovery “Upgrade” Section and click “Upgrade to Pro” at the upper right corner of the window.
Upgrade to Pix4Dmapper Pro

2. Request the 7 day trial version. In the “Upgrade to Pix4Dmapper Pro” section click on “Request a free trial” to request the complete version for 7 days.
Upgrade to Pix4Dmapper Pro

3. On the left side of the toolbar, click the user options button and click Log Out

Pix4Dmapper Logout
4. Log in again. The fully functional trial will be activated.

Analist Group is Official Partner to Pix4D