The benefits of the Drone compared to traditional tools for professional Surveys

Are you looking for proximity professional survey with some flexibility without sacrificing accuracy? Or looking for a system that does not present management problems and operators preparation? If your answer is yes, we have the solution for you. The detection with drones has the aim to implement the traditional techniques, such as total stations or aerial photography by helicopter, and in some cases to replace them.

The Complete Land Survey Solution
The Complete Land Survey Solution

The new technologies offer from this point of view accessible solutions, simple to use for everyone and very reliable. Today rebuilding the facade of a building, or a car accident scene is simple, all you need is  a drone equipped with a high-resolution camera with Pix4Dmapper and Analist 2016 CLOUD for the processing.


Exactly! With Pix4Dmapper and Analist 2016 CLOUD, in addition to aerial photogrammetry, you will be able to obtain point clouds and 3D models of buildings, bridges, archeological sites and much more. Most simple! Aver shooting your sequence of photos all you have to do is feed them to Pix4Dmapper and launch processing. The error margin is below 1cm for 3D models which can be used for any context.   formazione-drone-incidenti In situations which require minimal survey times such as vehicle accident reconstruction, traditional approaches slightly lack in efficiency and can cause several issues. Let’s think for example of a two lane road, when shutting down one lane traffic congests completely. The survey with Drones enable police operators to carry out their task swiftly avoiding difficulties for motorists. With a laser scanner on the other hand accuracy is millimetric, which in the case of a car accident could be unnecesseray. The survey of a more extended area requires longer timing, whereas the drone requires only a few minutes.

Accurate measurements with Analist CLOUD
Accurate measurements with Analist CLOUD

With Analist 2016 CLOUD you will be able to carry out distance measurements, surfaces, volume and slopes. You will also be able to present a detailed reconstruction of the accident scene.

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