Available for construction companies, maintenance workers and construction professionals: the new Analist Group solution for inspections and measurements of roofs and façades with Drones.

TakePRO: low cost and speed of execution

The TakePRO solution with the Anafi Work Drone allows you to scan roofs and façades saving time and resources, ensuring operator safety. Performing regular roof checks with a detailed inspection of the surface is necessary for optimal maintenance and therefore the reduction of overall repair costs. A careful inspection in fact guarantees the duration of the roof over time.

The real advantages of TakePRO derive from the analysis tools for the data acquired with Drones that allow to detect damage to roofs, such as those caused by hail for example, or damage to façades caused by bad weather. Efficient inspections, immediate checks, surveys on roofs and façades are just some of the aspects related to the use of TakePRO.

Analysis, measurement and cost estimation

The TakePRO Solution allows for:

  • monitoring of roof covering status and facade status
  • the measurement
  • budget identification for restructuring costs
  • work progress verification

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TakePRO: workflow

The TakePRO solution is the complete solution which in addition to carrying out the visual inspection allows to obtain the computation of the roof and façade for maintenance and repair. TakePRO, after the flight with Drone, allows you to measure surfaces, to define the details and the area and to add the materials necessary for maintenance or repair, allowing the user to draw up a calculation for the work to be performed. A fully integrated and fast system for generating cost estimates.

Inspection > Problem Identification > Measures > Cost Estimation

The Professional Solution for Façade and Roof Inspection includes the ANAFI Work!!! ↓

The TakePRO Complete Solution is designed for architects, engineers, surveyors, installers and maintenance technicians who need a fast, precise, compact and ready-to-use tool.

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Suitable for Façades all types of Roofs

The TakePRO solution is suitable for all types of roofs: both flat roofs and pitched roofs. The former are subject to leakage and surface degradation due to weathering and stagnant water. Objectively observing the roof surface allows you to get an overview of the leak sites and any holes. Pitched roofs are typically built with asphalt, tiles, concrete or metal. It is important to check the thinning of the asphalt and the condition of the tiles to understand the condition of the roof and take appropriate action. TakePRO is the answer!

The Professional Solution for Façade and Roof Inspection

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