Analist 2020 InfraPro offers a wide range of efficient and user-friendly features for various applications and requirements. Multiple functions tailored to particular needs which enable for precise and efficient processing and the achievement of accurate reports and analysis results.

What can we do with Analist 2020 Infrapro?
You can work with a seemless workflow for applications

  1. Inspection on large solar farms and photovoltaic panels.
  2. Thermogtraphic inspections of industrial areas.
  3. Landfill monitoring.
  4. Thermal measurement of residential areas.
  5. Isothermal displays: the infrared histogram.
  6. Mapping of the thermal conditions of the soil for the detection of vegetation stress consitions.
  7. Zonation in Analist enables to create specific defined areas….


Moreover, Analist 2020 Infrapro enables for the unique “zonation” feature on mobile devices. A tool used to divide land into homogeneous areas according to certain characteristics: thus representing the thermal details of each zone.

  1. Solar Farm and photovoltaic panel Inspection

Analist InfraPro 2020 is the solution for inspections of solar panels to detect damage and mechanical failure. Using both thermal and high-definition imagery, operating costs and increase in the energy production, as well as monitoring every solar plant construction project and its evolution can be performed. Every image is analysed and anomalies are detected, classified and localised. The solution significantly enhances the maintenance of sites in an efficient and safe manner, optimising its performance as well as reducing maintanance costs.

Solar Farm
Solar Farm


2. Thermographic inspections of industrial areas

The measurement and inspection of industrial sites for preventions and maintenance costs optimizations. Analist 2020 InfraPro can detect overheated and overloaded components before they actually break down. They are also useful for monitoring high-temperature industrial heaters, boilers, and furnaces. Application examples:

  • Storage tanks
  • Overheated bearings in conveyor belts
  • Anomalies in pipelines
  • Leakages
  • Overheated connections
  • Fuse problems
  • Overloaded electrical cables etc.


3. Landfill monitoring

Landfills are now monitored and inspected by analysing and measuring the radiation from gas leakages emitted by the waste piles for fire outburts prevention. Analist 2020 InfraPro infrared technology measures landfill in order to improve and rectify the situation effectively.


4. Thermal measurement of residential areas

Analist 2020 InfraPro allows for inspections of buildings. The inspector can show homeowners things about their homes that can’t be revealed by the naked eye or more conventional inspection methods. Analist 2020 InfraPro with thermal imaging cameras are tools for monitoring and diagnosing the condition of buildings, in order to identify problems early, allowing for documentation and correction before the problems become more serious and more difficult to address.


5. Isothermal displays: the infrared histogram

The Isothermal feature in Analist 2020 InfraPro allows for a thermal representation of the temperature distribution on a surface. Temperature trends and monitoring in time are showed in situations where these temperatures are relevant to understand information on levels of thermal stress. Application example: agriculture, monitoring of volcano esruption hazards and so on.


6. Mapping of the thermal conditions of the ground

Analist 2020 InfraPro processes the information from infrared thermographic cameras to provide hydrological conditions on different spatial areas. The temperatures which are taken over different periods of time at given spaces allow for the detection and monitoring of different surface hydrological processes and soil surface microrelief.

Among the uses:

  • Soil water status estimation
  • Subsurface soil mositure detection
  • Rill morphology and erosion
  • Irrigation scheduling


7. Zonation

Analist 2020 includes the Zonation feature consisting of the apportionment and division of a surface in different zones. Zonation in Analist enables to create specific defined areas within a surface in order to generate activities and documentation to be carried out on each one and to share this on a mobile device.

Application examples include precision farming for prescription maps generation and sharing, solar panel inspection on specific areas with regards to onsite identification of installation and maintenance issues.

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