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Analist 2023, the Complete Survey Software based on Autodesk® Technology, has arrived. Never So Powerful.

Based on Autodesk® Technology, Analist 2023 is the Complete Software for Topography, Architectural Survey, Point Cloud management, data processing from Drone, GPS, Camera and Laser Scanner. Developed by Analist Group, it responds to the main needs of Professionals engaged in the field of surveying and guarantees perfect performance with all the most widely used tools in the architectural, construction, agricultural, Security and land control fields.

Analist 2023 is waiting for you with two surprises:
Analist Abacos and AnalistPhoto modules are Free.


The new features of Analist 2023

Below are the most important innovations and improvements included in Analist 2023. The Software, for over ten years, has been released annually to keep up with innovations and to support technicians

Enhanced Orthophoto Processing: greater sharpness in creating a section or elevation

DWG file becomes Multimedial: technical data become visual, you can insert any external connection element such as photos or videos

Sheet group management: print sheet groups faster thanks to the Autodesk® platform

Counting: automated counting of blocks or geometries with the COUNT command

2D graphics: improved stability, accuracy, and performance

3D navigation performance: up to 10 times faster

The new modules in Analist 2023

Analist Abacos

This is the latest and revolutionary module in Analist 2023. Abacos turns any surveying tool, primarily the Total Station, into an automatic Facade acquisition and restitution device doubling the engineer’s productivity:

  • Automatically produces the Facade drawing even for points not visually accessible from the Survey station thanks to the Point Code Language
  • Automatically returns the Façade Elevation, Longitudinal and Transversal Sections of the Surveyed Building.


To enhance the Fastest and Most Productive Survey Solution ever, consisting of the Matterport Pro2 3D Camera and Analist CLOUD, the AnalistMatterport module has been developed. This allows the architectural development plan, automatically produced by Matterport Technology, to be used in a quantity of post-production environments. AnalistMatterport contains a function able to convert the SVG format into a DWG format so that the floorplan can be processed in DWG format in one click.


It is the module that allows to correct, in a few clicks, the perspective of Facade images acquired with Smartphone, Drone or any type of Camera and to reduce the deformation introduced by the optics with a calibration procedure facilitating measurement or vectorization operations.

Analist 2023 CLOUD: one Solution for many Applications

Analist 2023 CLOUD returns Profiles, Sections, Level Curves, Orthophotos never so accurate. It is the ideal Solution for the Technician who seeks the highest image quality, reliability, accuracy and speed in processing his projects. Analist 2023 CLOUD reads all data collected by Total Station, Topographic GPS, Drone. It is the most perfomant tool for the management and processing of Point Clouds.

Topography/Architectural Survey – Automatic drawing of Longitudinal Terrain Profile and development of cross-sections, processing of Level Curves, Profiles, Sections, Surfaces, Most performant Volume Calculation, Point Clouds Management, Triangulation Functions, importation of surfaces from Google Maps, Google Earth and Bing Maps.

Thermographic Inspections – InfraPro, a module of Analist 2023 CLOUD and adapted to the IECTS62446 Standard, generates detailed Thermographic Reports and Analyses for orthophotos from Drone by flagging critical areas. The module is best suited in PV Panel inspection operations for identifying Hot Spots with malfunctions or breaks.

Precision Agriculture – The AnalistAgro module enables Real Time calculation and analysis of NDVI and other indices for crop health assessment to enable agronomists to make timely and timely choices in terms of productivity and sustainability. The “Zoning” function allows Prescription Maps to be transferred to one’s Smartphone.

Accident Survey – By capturing the accident site and status with Drone, it is possible, thanks to Analist 2023 CLOUD, to make all the necessary measurements in the post-processing phase directly on the computer and from any angle. The Technology guarantees absolute accuracy and it is ideal to be used by law enforcement agencies.

Emergency Management and Land Surveillance – Land mapping to identify disaster-affected areas for immediate emergency response.

Analist 2023 CLOUD: Drone Solutions

Analist 2023 CLOUD is the professional software for Surveys in Cartography, Photogrammetry, Topography, Thermographic Inspections and Precision Agriculture. It is the ideal tool for those who use Drones in any field: from Construction to Security via Innovative Agriculture. Analist 2023 CLOUD optimizes the innovative workflow related to the Drones that have revolutionized the market such as the DJI Mavic 3, equipped with dual Hasselblad cameras, and the very powerful Matrice 300, capable of transmitting images 15km away and with maximum data security.

For a complete experience, it is recommended to integrate Analist 2023 CLOUD with Pix4Dmapper to generate the Point Cloud and with OneRay-RT for three-dimensional model generation.

Analist 2023: purchase options

Analist 2023 is available in a 12-month Subscription version: getting it with a time-based license is ideal for meeting the most immediate business needs.