Import the floor Plan

The Matterport floor plan generation service produces a series of files that can be used for the most diverse purposes: as an image to insert in reports, for a website, as a PDF for a report and, most important of all, as a universal SVG vector file.

Remember to check for updates about Analist.

Starting from the 2023 version, Analist contains a series of tools specially created to speed up the use of the floor plans and to obtain all the documents the specialist needs.

The Matterport Floor Plan service returns a compressed ZIP file containing the floor plan in PNG (image), PDF, SVG formats. The PDF and SVG formats are vector and can be imported by Analist in order to be able to edit them and, more importantly, calibrate.


After downloading and decompressing the file containing the planimetry data, activate the function dedicated to Matterport from the Analist-Project Toolbar with a double-click (starting from ver 27.23) or activating the Analist Group -> Matterport pane tools.

Well, at this point you simply have to import the SVG or PDF file with the dedicated buttons from the Matterport Palette.

Toolbar Matterport

To import a SVG or PDF file simply push the related button and pick a point on the screen. In the current version the drawing is organized in the Layers ARCIT-OUTLINE and ARCIT-REGION. This organization may change in subsequent versions in order to further improve functionality. The introduction of functions dedicated to architectural drawing is also envisaged.

Pano View

Pano View is a cool feature that allows you to insert a spherical photo into your drawing like the one that can be downloaded from the Matterport admin panel. Download a sample and try by-yourself, simple push the Pano View tool and import the image.

Download a Sample of Pano-Image

The button with three dots is used to display the image which is represented with a block in the drawing.

How to Calibrate

Calibration is required as SVG and PDF files may not be to scale relief. The procedure is very simple and consists in acquiring a reference measurement and assigning it to the planimetry. The reference measurement can be acquired on site or with the measuring instrument in the Matterport space.Watch the Video.


Check How-to process images with Analist-Photo