Analist Group partners with leading Indonesian Company: Globalindo Asia

Analist Group has added a new partner: GlobalindoAsia an Indonesian Corporation.

Globalindo Asia engaged in the field of spatial data processing, currently pioneering in Drone image data processing and terrestrial photogrammetric processing /3D Modelling as well as major distributor for related products in Asia. Leader in spatial data processing for Indonesia and service provider of added value data, Globalindo Asia’s goal is to become pioneer in the spatial data processing technology.

“Creating a workflow that will serve as a model on the processing of spatial data is our mission, thus our partnership with Analsit Group leading company for unique complete software solutions ” said Mr Muslim Syamsius Globalindo Asia CEO.

Globalindo Asia company goals and objectives are to establish a strong presence in Indonesia and Asia with the specific mission of becoming the leading Spatial Data Processing Centre and consulting services in the Region. This will be done by creating customer value through facilitating optimal and cost-efficient operations by developing the best techniques and technologies found int the expertise and value.

Globalindo Asia
Globalindo Asia

We listen and understand the challenges and requirements of our customers to be one of the best Data Spatial Processing solutions.
We will focus on professional clients who can benefit from the advantages offered by our services in accurate, cost effective and timely manner. Clients will come from large corporations and small businesses alike including government & police department.

Specializing in Analist Autodesk based Land Survey Software, Official Pix4D and DJI Partner Analist Group provides the highest technology to integrate sensor data into comprehensive user-friendly solutions for diverse applications such as Land Surveying, Thermographic Inspections, Precision Farming, Traffic Accident Investigation & Reconstruction. With over 80,000 clients, Analist Group has now become an international reality in a network of partneras in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Analist Group Italy - Software Solutions
Analist Group Italy – Software Solutions


“We are excited to start a joint venture with Globalindo Asia and to bring our software solutions to Indonesia. Our goal is continue devising high quality solutions for data analysis” said Antonio Iannuzzi, CEO of Analist Group.

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