Serbian Traffic Police Department to implement the Analist Group Vehicle Traffic Accident Investigation and Reconstruction

Talks are underway for an international cooperation between Analist Group and Partners with Serbian Police Forces in order to implement the Analist Group Innovative Solution for Car Accident Investigation and Reconstruction.

Already implemented locally the Innovative Solution involves the use of the latest state-of-the-art most innovative technologies which include a DJI Phantom 3 Drone with the Pix4D software and Analist 2016 CLOUD. 

Simulations of accidents with vehicles and actors who recreated typical dynamics of an accident played a crucial role: the impact, the timely intervention of the police and rescue teams and the reconstruction of the incident. Alongside the traditional techniques and proven methods of relief an experimental testing was authorized with the most advanced techniques including the most innovative DRONE with integrated camera: with these new technologies the whole accident area can be filmed and all measurements can be taken within very few minutes.

The Belgrade Police Academy took part not only in the demonstration held by Analist Group in cooperation with Mr Milan Vracar, the Analist representative for Serbia, but also actively learned the basic skills on flight execution, imagery acquisition, post-processing and measuring. They carried out both techniques on the field: traditional accident scene investigation and the innovative methodolgy with the Drone thus experiencing the advantages first hand.


Serbia Police Academy Belgrade



A series of very positive factors emerged, including:

  • acquisition of an enormous amount of data in a very short time;
  • drastic reduction in timing of operations;
  • significant reduction of risk for the safety of the officers and of the motorists involved;
  • the immediate reopening of roads;
  • acquisition and documentation of the contextual video as well as the 2D and 3D plans.


New Reconstruction and measurement Techniques

The innovative technological resources can be implemented to replace (or supplement) the more tradtional methods. These resources can ensure a highly improved result, which will be satisfying the needs of the community. All this in full agreement with the new code of crimanal procedure which is based on the acquisition of criminal evidence, abandoning the old inquisitive system.

This to say that in the reconstruction of an accident, or at least in the initial phase (which is the most delicate) should be carried out with approved instrumentation and equipment with an objective output.
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