Presentation DJI Phantom 4: unprecedented event for Avellino

Analist Group is proud to announce a unique event: the Presentation of the new DJI Phantom 4. April 20th 2016 at 3:30 pm the exclusive presentattion will be held at the Analist Group premises in Via Nazionale Torrette, 82 Mercogliano, Avellino, Italy. We will be hosting a number of local professionals and non to showcase the latest DJI Phantom 4 UAV. A team of specialists will dedicate two sessions to the presentation. One will be dedicated to a thorough illustration of the new features, the second to a practice flight where attendees will experience first hand flight techniques.



Among the new characteristics of the new  DJI Phantom 4 there is highest adaptability to a number of professional applications. The event shall also include specilaist speakers who will focus on the use of Drones in diverse fields of application among which: Land Survey, Precision Farming, Thermographic Inspections, Car Accident Investigation and Reconstruction. In all these applications the Drone ensures maximum efficiency, reliability and accuracy.

With the implementation of the these most innovative technologies Analist Group continues to establish itself as a cutting-edge company in the development of state-of-the-art technologies for professional uses.

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Event Programme

  • Presentation of new DJI Phantom 4 features
  • New Business opportunities for professional with the Drone
  • Thermographic Drone Inspections with the FLIR Cameras
  • Solar Panel Farm Thermographic Inspection with the Drone
  • Thermographic Inspection with FLIR One camera
  • Use of the Drone for Precision Farming with multi-spectral cameras
  • NDVI index in Precision Farming
  • Land Survey and Archtecture with Analist, Pix4Dmapper and OneRay-RT for 3D model animations
  • Illustration of Architecture and Land Surveys with the Drone
  • Training Courses for Drone in Architecture, Land Surveying, Thermographic Inspections, Road Planning
  • EcoSENS technologies for Smart City design
  • Sanadomus for Electro-cybernetic wall dehumidification systems
  • Phantom 4 Flight



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