Revit LT and OneRay-RT: everything you need to deliver the most professional and enticing presentations

You are looking for a Professional Suite for BIM Modeling and Real Time Animation? You do not want to spend a fortune on an expensive and difficult solution to use? Now you have Revit LT and OneRay-RT Studio for a whole year at an extraordinary price. With less that 2€ a day you can create great models with Revit LT and most simply animate them with OneRay-RT Studio.

“A great presentation is the best way to entice your customers”


A high quality Workflow with all the features and the design tools of Building Information Modeling Revit LT and the speed of OneRay-RT Studio for 3D renderings and Real Time animations with the highest visual impact. Create your own 3D models with Revit LTand import them into OneRay-RT Studio and enrich the scene with great detail from photo-realistic trees and vegetation, moving vehicles and people to be animated at will. Both softwares work perfectly well as stand alone, but both integrate superbly with the vast majority of the softwares in use in architectural design. The offer includes the purchase of the package for a period of 12 months, and is not applicable to periods under 12 months. During the 12 months of use the user is entitled to receive FREE software updates for both Revit LT and OneRay-RT Studio. Updates are downloaded via the Internet, without additional cost to users. At the end of the 12 months the user can choose whether to renew the software licenses.

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