The Complete Analist Mapping Solution 

All-in-one solution for professional Topographers

What you get
With the Analist complete mapping solution you get accurate and immediately actionable information about your land as frequently as you want. You’ll see more, see better, and save money, and once you see your operations from the air you’ll never approach work the same way again.
What Analist has devised is a unique and most effective solution in terms of convenience and time saving

An all in one solution

A ready to fly Phantom 2 Vision + Drone Lightweight, multi-functional integrated aircraft and camera
Camera remote-control by DJI VISION APP
Range Extender increases Wi-Fi distance to 300m
Anti-vibration camera platform with single axis stabilization
Low-voltage protection
Virtual Radar aircraft locator on mobile device
Range of camera tilt options
Multiple, continuous and timed capture options
HD Video Recording (1080/p30 or 1080/60i)
RAW and JPEG picture formats

Pix4D Mapper which automatically processes terrestrial and aerial imagery acquired by light-weight UAV or aircraft using its innovative technology based purely on image content. And converts your images into highly precise, customizable and timely results for a wide range of GIS and CAD applications. Advanced Desktop Processing: Bundled with camera and Pix4D’s image processing software for a complete and professional all-in-one aerial workflow package.

The Analist Autodesk technology based Software which is a unique and most innovative tool for all topographic and surveying tasks, the most efficient and quickest way to achieve successful results.

The revolution is not only in the completeness of the package but also in the most competitive price.
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