How to set up the Ground Station with the DJI Vision APP


To set the Ground Station option in the DJI Vision program it is necessary to activate this option in the Settings. Unless you choose this function explicitely you will not receive any response when carrying out the “swipe” (swipe of your finger from left to right) in order to move from photo mode to “map” position.

It is essential to notice that Ground Station requires explicit acceptance of this option which you shall conferm.

From an operational point of view it is important to bare in mind that to facilitate the map download it would be advisable to disconnect the wifi connection between your mobile phone and your Vision 2+.

This procedure, disconnection of the wifi, must be done after the Vision 2+ has carried out the satellite fix. At this point, DJI Vision program will have acquired the position and the map download of the interested area shall begin. Remember to reconnect the wifi once the map has ben downloaded.

It would also be useful to use the Metric system. It is Imperial by Default. But of course you can choose whichever system you feel more at ease with.

This procedure is valid for both Android as well as iOS.

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