Remote Controller Connection to the DJI Phantom 3 Professional and Phantom 4 vis the DJI Go App. You have just updated the firmware of your Phantom 3 and the remote controller won’t connect to your drone? Do you want to connect a new remote controller to your DJI Phantom 4? No need to apnic as the procedure is simple, I managed with no engineering skills at all. All you need are a couple of minutes to connect the remote controller to your DJI Phantom 4 e al DJI Phantom 3. Connect your Smatphone or Tablet device to the Remote controller and launch the DJI Go App. If the Drone is not connected to the Remote Controller you will have to select the model manually.Screenshot_2016-07-18-09-33-14   Once you have selected the Drone all you have to do is click on “Camera” to step into the main page. Because of the lack of signal you will not be able to see the preview of the Drone camera. You will have to tap on settings in the top right corner as ypu can see in the picture.   Screenshot_2016-07-18-09-33-39   in the menu that appears, select the “Remote Controller” Icon and scroll until you see Linking RC.   Screenshot_2016-07-18-09-34-10   At this point a pop-up will appear. Select OK to confirm.   Screenshot_2016-07-18-09-34-17   From tnow on we have 60 seconds to synchronize the Drone and the Remote Controllers frequencies.   Screenshot_2016-07-18-09-34-23   To synchronize the devices all you need is a pointing object (like a pen or a needle) which will enable is to push the Drone frequency restart button. It can be found on the left side of our Drone in the case of the Phantom 4 or behind the gimbal on the right in the case of the Phantom 3 Professional and Advanced.   IMG_20160718_093624IMG_20160718_102603   Once these tasks have been carried out a pop-up which confirms the connection will appear.Screenshot_2016-07-18-09-34-40   Now, your Drone is ready to take off.     You still haven’t got Phantom 4? Contact us now! 

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