With the Analist DRONE Solution for Topography it is possible to possibile georeference your Survey: here’s how in 5 simple steps.

Download the infographics at the bottom of the page

1. Analyze the area you want to survey

It is advisable to use Google Maps or something similar to have a first knowledge of the the area and the complexity of the relief.

2. Identify your points and point them out on the ground

Take the coordinates of some points (6-10 are enough) spread over the whole relief area with a Topographic GPS or a Total Station and point them out by marking them on the ground, the mark must be visible from the air. A common land surveyor spray will be fine. Draw circles with a 60 cm or more diameter with an X  to show the exact point you have surveyed. You wil need these points to georeference your Survey with the DRONE.

Fly your DRONE on the area and take a sequence of photos. Fly in NADIR (a serpentine with the camera fully inclined facing the ground perpendicularly) to have the best overlapping of the images. The number of photos taken per second, flight velocity and height depend on the type of survey you intend to do.

4. Create your 3D model and the Point Cloud with Pix4Dmapper

Indicate the coordinates of the Control Points previously taken directly on the photos in Pix4Dmapper to georeference your Relief. Pix4Dmapper automatically creates the 3D Model and the Point Cloud of the photos taken with the DRONE.

5. Use Analist 2015 CLOUD for all Land Surveying operations

Carry out all measurements , Level Curves, Profiles, Cross Sections and more with Analist 2016 CLOUD.

Analist Cloud Land Survey Software
Analist Cloud Land Survey Software
Pix4Dmapper free download
Pix4Dmapper free download