Smart Farming. The answer is the Drone.

Drones are substantially changing the way we consider one of the oldest jobs which have influenced human history over centuries: farming.

Farming with UAVs has become smart, intelligent, accurate. What is meant by these expressions?

With a Drone Solution equipped with multi-spectral sensors essential data can be obtained in a very short period of time. This data allows us to assess the risk of pathogens development, to evaluate the conditions of distressed areas and to evaluate the different stages of cultivation development as well as to drastically reduce environmental impact. We can quite easily summarize this in “site specific farm management” or better the ability to automatically manage portions of land on scale “sub-plotting” through an appropriate integration of computer technology and agronomic practices.


Intelligent Viticulture

The processes of growth and development of plants are affected by environmental factors such as temperature, solar radiation, humidity and precipitation. There are some productive sectors, such as viticulture, for which the temperature changes affect all physiological processes which influence the development of the phenological and physiological aspects. The ability to predict and monitor constantly and this type of information facilitates the development of models capable of supporting decisions and also manage field operations more efficiently, ensuring a better control and higher productivity from the point of view of quantity and quality. For vineyards field process automation is seen as less important than the immediate availability of factual information on the growth stages and plant protection of the vineyard to plan targeted corrective actions on specific areas. The ability to obtain and use such information for management purposes is essential for the vineyards.



  • Variability effect reduction
  • Cost reduction
  • Efficiency increase
  • Environmental impact reduction
  • Food safety increase


  • Agronomist decision support system
  • Targeted, accurate interventions in specific areas
  • Factual Information and planning

Article accomplished in cooperation with Doctor Arturo Erbaggio


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Phantom Multi-spectral

How does the Drone in Precision Farming work

Shoot a sequence of photos with a multi-spectral camera aboard a Drone

During the flight the imagery is acquired. The camera can be set to shoot a frame every 3 seconds.

Processing the photos to obtain an NDVI Map

The photos taken are then fed into Pix4Dmapper, which automatically generates the orthomosaic (it can alos be geo-located) of the NDVI.


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