Analist Group and Agrowing launch the new AgroSENSE revolutionary technology for multi-spectral analysis

AgroSENSE, the professional and intuitive tool for multi-spectral analysies is now available. The ground-breaking innovative technology will enable users to process multi-spectral images and generate the NDVI in real time with Analist 2018 CLOUD. No more long processing times, no collection of  massive quantities of shots.

With the Agrowing technology, Analist Group has answered to the real need for immediate action of the agriculture industry where timing is essential. The ability to define a Decision Support System for farm management with the goal of optimizing returns while preserving resources in the shortest time spam possible is a priority. Cultivations growth stages change at a very high speed, factual information is required immediately in order to be able to promptly make the corrective decisions.


Agrowing Technology Matrice 100 for multi-spectral analysis
Agrowing Technology Matrice 100 for multi-spectral analysis


The Complete AgroSENSE Drone Solution: DJI Matrice 100 + Modified Sony QX1 + AgroSENSE by Analist

The seamless integration of the DJI Matrice 100 with the Agrowing modified Sony QX1 camera + AgroSENSE in Analist 2018 Cloud results in the most Complete tool for multi-spectral analysis.

The information obtainable with the flight sessions allow control on a number of parameters on vegetation health condition. It facilitates the identification of problematic areas, water shortages or the presence of pathogens, with the possibility of immediate interventions. The complete Drone Solution is a tool for targeted planning of activities in the field, with time and resource saving.

AgroSENSE: fast, simple and professional. From the flight to the professional Report in just a few clicks

Modified QX1 Camera assembly to the DJI Matrice 100

Mounting the camera under the Matrice 100 is simple and intuitive, just clip it to the base to secure it to the drone as safely as possible. The 335 gr weight of the camera is the ideal payload for the Matrice 100 as it does not compromise in anyway flight performance, stability and time.

Complete Worfflow for NDVI generation in real time

The AgroSENSE Complete Solution enables users to attain accurate results in reduced time spams. Operations are intuitive and immediate. From the flight to a Professional Report in just a few clicks:

plan → acquire → process

  • Adjust the camera settings with Sony PlayMemories App, available for iOS and Android on the App store or on Google Play, choose among different shooting modes, and preview directly on your device.
  • Imagery acquisition is automatic with the flight performed with the DJI Matrix 100 Drone.
  • Process the data with Analist 2018 Cloud thanks to the new revolutionary AgroSENSE module, which seamlessly integrates the advanced Agrowing Technology with Analist allowing the immediate creation of the NDVI index and detailed reports on vegetation health.



Try AgroSENSE in Analist 2018 CLOUD Software.

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