Thermographic Inspections with your mobile phone: yes oyu can! With b-mobile ONE!

Do you want to do aerial inspections with the FLIR One? Now you can with the b-mobile ONE, the innovative support for DJI Phantom that allows you to equip your drone with the FLIR One. You can inspect solar panels and monitor heat dispersions with your smartphone. Now you must be wondering “how do I start recording when I have to fly with the drone?” The answer is simple, just start the recording right before take off and end it when the drone lands. You can set two modes of data capture, Video Mode, and Time-Lapse mode.

Flir One App -  Video
Flir One App – Video

With the Video mode just start recording and the device will acquire all data during the flight. Whenever possible it is preferable to use this mode. Recorded videos are automatically saved on the SmartPhone and you can view themon your phone or other devices after data transfer.

Flir One App - Time-Lapse
Flir One App – Time-Lapse

Shooting of images in Time-Lapse mode is useful if you want to inspect a very large area and do not have much free space on your SmartPhone. Just set the initial delay and the time interval between photos. The images taken will be automatically saved on your SmartPhone and you can view them directly on your phone or transfer them to other devices (smartphones, tablets, PCs).

b-mobile for FLIR ONE and DJI Phantom for Thermpographic Drone Inspections
b-mobile for FLIR ONE and DJI Phantom for Thermpographic Drone Inspections


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