Agrowing Sony QX1 modified camera: total absence of NIR contamination

When using the Agrowing sony QX1 in Precision Farming a frequently asked question is the concern about the possibility of the contamination of the NIR to all channels due to the single sensor usage.

The answer is NO.

There is no contamination as the NIR is captured on half of the Agrowing Sony QX1 modified sensor and the RGB narrow channels are captured on the second half.

So, what we actually have, are two cameras using two halves of a single sensor in which the 3 remaining RGB channels are not contaminated at all by the NIR, as they are captured on the other half of the sensor.

The image below shows exactly how the camera captures its frames.

The NIR (850nm) is on the right handside and it is green as we capture the 850nm band with an additional 550nm, this is used for digital calibration.

On the left handside of the image we have the 3 bands of the RGB narrow bands which are captured by the second lens (450,550,650nm).

The single sensor houses the two “cameras” which capture frames without the risk of NIR contamination.

The pictures below show the two lenses mounted in the same housing.

Agrowing Sony QX1

Agrowing Sony QX1
The pictures show the E-mount for the sensor.


The Agrowing Sony QX1 camera is a vegetation stress camera that allows you to get information about vegetation as well as minerals, bodies of water, camouflaged object detection and more.

Healthy plants have a strong near infrared reflectivity, sometimes called the “Red Edge”. The Agrowing Sony QX1 allows for fast and accurate analysis. The near infrared reflectivity provides information on the plants health, on the presence of water, barren land, shrubbery, rainforests, minerals and  much more.  Aerial photographs with the Agrowing sensor can allow farmers to quickly asses the health condition of their crops identifying disease, unhealthy plants and weeds.


DJI Matrice 100 + Modified Sony QX1 + AgroSENSE in Analist

The seamless integration of the Matrice 100 + Agrowing modified Sony QX1 camera + AgroSENSE in Analist ClOUD results in the most Complete tool for multi-spectral analysis.

The information obtainable from the flight allows control on a number of parameters on vegetation health condition. It facilitates the identification of problematic areas, water shortages or the presence of pathogens, with the possibility of immediate interventions. The Complete Drone Solution is a tool for targeted planning of activities in the field, with time and resource saving.

Try AgroSENSE in Analist CLOUD Software.

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