INFRAPRO: Termographic Report in Analist CLOUD

Available in the latest Analist CLOUD version: INFRAPRO, the new module for thermal analysis.

The Analist Group Drone Solution for Thermographic Inspections is now available in a complete workflow. The Drone with the FLIR camera which captures thermal images, now joins Analist CLOUD with INFRAPRO, able to produce a detailed report of critical issues with the exact temperatures. Suitavle for inspections of photovoltaic panels for the identification of Hot Spots, or cells with a malfunction or a critical issue.


INFRAPRO the new module in Analist CLOUD:

  • identifies critical issues
  • provides geo-referenced information of photovoltaic solar panels with hot spots (critical areas)
  • generates detailed Thermogram with temperature Report
  • analyzes thermal images from Drone to generate data records with GPS information


Inspections of solar panels play an essential role in the generation of electrical energy efficiently, for long life serving of the panels and to optimize the return on investment. It’s important that the panels are working properly without criticality. The Analist Group Drfone Solution allows the identification of anomalies over large areas in no time with a quick, simple and highly reliable methodology and workflow.



INFRAPRO 100 – XT R 64:Thermographic Inspection Complete Drone Solution

INFRAPRO 100 - XT R 640
INFRAPRO 100 – XT R 640

Analist CLOUD Functionalities

INFRAPRO is added to a highly performing range of features among which:

1. Land Survey: Working on points Clouds, Orthophotos and Level Curves is quick and intuitive. Profiles, Sections, surfaces and volumes provide you all the necessary data to develop the most of your work.
2. Architecture: Analist CLOUD is perfect for the building front suveys, thanks to the Points Clouds management. Make accurate measurements directly on the point cloud.
3. Precision Agriculture: With Analist CLOUD it is simple to calculate NDVI and other indexes whic are essential for the assessment of the health status of crops.
4. Measurement Survey: With the convenience of the GeoImage module it is easy to scale images and take all accurate measurements even on a single photo.



All the advantages of the Analist CLOUD Subscription model

The Subscription offers a new option that allows customers to access the software with a lower price with temporary licenses to meet a variety of business needs and budgetary considerations.



Learn more about the Subscription model

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