The curtain is about to go up on Intergeo 2015 – Hall: 8 – Booth: C8.092 and Analist Group is proud to announce that we will be there! The spotlight this year will be on massive data acquisition, digitisation, digital infrastructures of course in the fields of land surveying, geoinformation, remote sensing, photogrammetry, complete and complementary solutions and technologies.


Processing, using and analysing geodata on the Internet or in the field has become an extremely interesting and dynamic area. We all use spatial data all the time. But many people many times are not even aware of it: we use our car’s GPS to find the best route; when travelling, we look up tourist spots on our smartphone; or we check the weather on the Internet, we look up the best restaurants or shopping areas to reach on a day out. At the same time, spatial data have become indispensable for our security: we monitor rising sea levels or locate earthquakes and storm damage via satellite. Opening people up to digital spatial information creates vast opportunities for transferring knowledge and developing services and links for people as well as professionals based on spatial data.


Other topics high on the agenda in Stuttgart will include navigation, mobility and unmanned aircraft solutions. The trend in these systems is moving towards integrated surveying solutions that both cover the complete workflow from flight planning to data evaluation and can be fully integrated into geodesy work processes.


15-09-2015 / 17-09-2015 Intergeo 2015 Stuttgart, Germany
15-09-2015 / 17-09-2015
Intergeo 2015
Stuttgart, Germany

That’s where we will be presenting our wide range of Complete Drone Solutions for Land Surveying, Architecture, Geology, Thermographic Inspections and Precision Farming. The Analist Group Complete Drone Solutions are integrated systems which include equipment (drones, cameras, sensors), with softwares (Analist 2016 Cloud Land Survey Software, Pix4Dmapper photogrammetric software) and know-how as we provide the necessary training and support in order to become immediately operative and acquire high level competences.

And to wrap it all up we will be presenting our new arrival at Analist group: OneRay-RT Real-time 3D Animation Software. The new software devised for the creation of impressive 3D Rendering in real time. The best tool for creating videos, rendering and live demonstrations thanks to its spectacular processing speed. OneRay-RT offers excellent graphics combined to a fast and efficient workflow. Watch it in action!

We will do demonstrations in the Flight Zone on Pix4Dmapper Capture App and Complete Drone Solutions.
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Analist Group, Drone and Innovation: New Professional Solutions

In which sectors is the Drone technology applicable?

Find out about all the Analist Group Complete Solutions for Land Survey, Archeology, Thermographic Inspections, Precision Framing, Architecture and much more…

Innovative Drone Solutions for Professionals
Innovative Drone Solutions for Professionals