One of the questions we are asked most often is : “How long can I recover the investment in the purchase of a drone?” The experience gained in recent months suggests that we must reformulate the question:

How many new relations can I generate with the use of these innovative technologies?

Ok, let’s try to decode this question. The market drone itself has little added value, some would say 400 Euros per hectare, 250 Euros per flight, in the case of modest extensions of land surface, you can stretch the assumption up to 30 Euros per hectare for areas in the order of square kilometers. Very often the potential of relationship is underestimated. A few practical examples. What would be the advantage of the report that an IT specialist would get by running a photogrammetric flight for a local products farm in his area? Simple, if he is a web specialist he could offer a website section as collateral enrichment to contribute in giving extra value to the companyas well as to contribute to a better indexing of the product. In this perspective, the flight could also be considered within a package service with high added value. In other words, the power of the flight becomes an element that allows the development of relations resulting from the availability of indirect competences. This example allows us to introduce the concept of direct and indirect services. The first category includes all those activities directly connected to the flight: video resolution, photogrammetric flights, infrared sensors or multispectral sensors; to the second category all the activities which can derive from the the direct operations. It is immediately clear that the opportunities and the potential are limitless for the fact that skills linked to individual professionalism are enhanced by the power of relationship arising from the availability of skills acquired with the drones. The technician on a flight has the opportunity to express, for example, expertise in urban development or security. Which is the easiest path to follow?

Firts of all we need to understand what we can do witha DRONE in: 1) Photogrammetry 2) Land Management 3) Company and Territory Development 4) Precision Farming 5) Renewable Energy Management 6) Prevention and safety. In conclusion the correct attitude should be:

From now on I am able to create new business relationships which grant value to my competences thanks to the use of the Drone.

For more information on photogrammetry click here Learn more about Pix4Dmapper, the automatic photogrammetry software


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Innovative Drone Solutions for Professionals
Innovative Drone Solutions for Professionals