How to create batch of cross sections from a .rcp file with Analist CLOUD


  1. Start a new drawing in Analist CLOUD.
  2. To import the .rcp file, select Analist CLOUD, then click on “get cloud” and insert the scaling factor.
  3. Should this function not be active you can activate the “3D Object Snap On” function making sure the the “Point Cloud -> Node” box is checked.
  4. Insert the new layer which will be used to create our model, we will set it as default.
  5. To trace the 3d polylines move to “Analist Project”, right click on the “Polylines Management” menu choosing “Draw 3D Polyline”.
  6. Now trace the 3D polylines we need in order to create our model starting from the point cloud.
  7. To create the model from the 3D polylines right click on “Models” then choose “Create Model”, set a name for the model and choose the layer previously used.
  8. To triangulate the model right click on “Triangulated Surface” then choose “Create TIN Surface”, we can set a name to the surface and choose the model we have already created, then click on “Triangulate”.
  9. Create a new layer, set it as default, and select the “Polyline” command to trace the polyline within the surface.
  10. To create the profile double click on “Profiles and Sections”.
  11. Click on “Select Polyline” and so choose the one we created earlier. To set the plotting point click anywhere in the drawing outside the model.
  12. The software will automatically show the “Sections” option. Right click on “Sections” to choose “Planimetric Track”
    and click on “Draw Track Automatic Sequence”.
  13. We can now set the sections interval and their length both to the right and to the left and so click on “Insert Section”.
  14. To draw the sections it is necessary to right click on “Sections”, choose “Draw Section” and click on “Generate Sections”.
  15. Should you require it, you can modify the drawing options settings for the sections. Click to set the plotting point.


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