The complete professional Solution for Industrial Site Inspection

The Analist Group solution for monitoring industrial sites and plants powered by renewable sources uses the DJI Drone Matrice 210, which thanks to its extreme reliability makes it the fundamental aircraft for industrial and scientific applications. The Drone is equipped with two cameras: Zenmuse X4S and XT-R cameras for the acquisition of images in the visible and in the thermal.

The survey with the Drone provides a dataset which is processed with Analist Cloud, Pix4Dmapper and OneRay-RT, generates georeferenced information, which is essential in 3D reconstruction of industrial sites and for the analysis of thermal dispersions of renewable plants. The use of the solution allows for a number of advantages, such as accuracy of the data obtained, acquisition speed and zero risk for the operators. These advantages make it the ideal solution for monitoring and surveying large areas.

DJI Matrice 210 Technical Specifications

the DJI Matrix 210 is the first Drone equipped with a micro-camera and a support for two gimbals that allows the simultaneous use of two cameras. The Drone is built to withstand the most extreme difficulties and is therefore suitable for inspections even in the rain, in addition, the high-performance engines and 17-inch propellers allow the Matrix 210 to withstand high wind speeds. The DJI Matrix 210 is equipped with the known DJI flight modes, namely:

  • Automatic flight plan scheduling with the DJI GS Pro and Pix4Dcapture apps.
  • ActiveTrack, is the flight mode that ensures the pilot that the chosen object will be held in the frame, while generating the best possible route to reach it. In addition, the Drone equipped with Zenmuse XT-R thermal
  • imaging camera makes it suitable for rescue or inspection of photovoltaic panels.
  • Point of interest, allows you to lock the camera on a point or a person and to acquire more data.
  • Avoiding the obstacle, the Matrice 210 is equipped with the Flight Autonomy System. This system has sensors in the front, bottom and top that detect obstacles around the Drone. The sensors at the top are infrared sensors, while the lower sensors are ultrasonic sensors.

How the Solution for monitoring industrial sites and renewable plants works with DJI Matrice 210

Once the industrial site under investigation has been identified, data acquisition takes only a few minutes. In fact, the operations to be followed are:

  • Flight and frame acquisition with the Parrot Bebop PRO Thermal
  • Capture photos with DJI Phantom 4 Pro 2.0
  • Processing photos with Pix4Dmapper
  • Generation of thermographic reports with Analist Cloud 2019
  • Representation of the site being monitored with OneRay-RT
  • Archiving and sharing of monitoring on the RealBIM Cloud Platform

Workflow: Flight and image acquisition with DJI Matrix 210, Processing with Pix4Dmapper and Analist Cloud, Representation with OneRay-RT

Flight and Data Acquisition. The flight over the industrial site is carried out with the DJI Matrice 210 for the acquisition of visual and thermal images, quickly providing an overview of the site and identifying the areas with thermal dispersions.


The DJI Matrice 210 is the Drone used for the inspection of plants powered by renewable sources, especially photovoltaic systems, as it allows to monitor and detect the status of PV panels. In fact, thanks to the Zenmuse XT-R camera it is possible to carry out investigations, troubleshooting and malfunctions, both on small systems and on large systems. In this case, remember that even a single faulty cell compromises the producibility of the plant. Finding hot spots promptly allows you to intervene effectively.


temperatura impianto fotovoltaico

Processing photos with Pix4Dmapper. The sequence of images acquired with Zenmuse X4S camera, in the visible, is processed with the photogrammetry software for the creation of the georeferenced orthophoto of the site under investigation.



Generation of thermographic reports with Analist Cloud. With Analist Cloud INFRAPRO, the specific application for thermographic analysis, which returns a detailed report of the problems with the relative temperatures. Suitable for inspections of industrial sites and renewable plants for the detection of malfunctions or breakages.



Example of thermographic report Analist Cloud 2019

Site representation with OneRay-RT. After importing the acquired and processed data, the Software allows to insert a series of industrial assets on the pre-existing site.

Monitoring and sharing of the monitoring. The RealBIM cloud platform allows the storage and sharing of survey data with the Drone and of the results of the visual and thermal image processing. RealBIM is equipped with a time schedule, fundamental to analyze all the phases of monitoring and for comparative analysis of thermal and non-thermal processing.