The first edition of Mapping the Beauty, the International Photogrammetry Contest which Analist Group and Pix4D launched last December, ended with great success.

International participants presented their best photogrammetries showing professional, complex and at the same time representative works of landscapes, architectural, historical and cultural beauties.

Extraordinary images of photogrammetric models arrived from all over the world. The contest saw the participation of specialists from Peru to Israel, from Australia to Europe and from our beautiful Italy in the show casing of aerophotogrammteric surveys.

Whether you took part in the contest or you are simply interested in the outcome don’t miss the live streaming planned for January 15 10:30 CEST. Don’t miss the Mapping the Beauty 2021 calendar presentation! The calenadr created with the 12 images chosen by the jury of international experts, selected on the basis of the complexity of the survey carried out and on the accuracy of photogrammetric processings.
Among the aerial photogrammetric images presented, the international jury will assign the 1 year license of Pix4Dmatic worth € 3675.00.

The live broadcast is open to everyone! Click here to participate

Did you participate in the contest? Find out if your photogrammetry has been chosen for the calendar or if you will be assigned the Pix4Dmatic license!

Take part in the live show and discover all the potential of the solution with Drone for aerial photogrammetric surveys.

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