When a photovoltaic panel cell is dirty or damaged by micro fractures, if the connection between the cells is interrupted, a high heat dissipation occurs because the cell does not work correctly. Identifying these anomalies on the cells of photovoltaic systems is essential to guarantee their correct functioning and therefore the efficiency of the system. Therefore, thermographic inspections of photovoltaic panels is essential to analyze the correct functioning of the panels for the identification of hot spots and anomalies, which compromise the efficiency of the entire photovoltaic system.

InfraPRO, the Analist CLOUD Thermographic Inspection Module, is the solution that allows you to:

  • identifies critical issues,
  • provide georeferenced information of photovoltaic solar panels with hot spots,
  • generate detailed thermograms with temperature reports,
  • analyze the thermal images of the flight with a Drone to generate datasets with GPS information.

The use of the Thermographic Drone Solution with Analist InfraPRO allows you to identify hot spots that can also cause the cell to catch fire, compromising the correct functioning of the panel and generating critical issues for the PV system. The new Analist CLOUD functionalities arise specifically from the user’s need to inspect and identify panels with anomalies or malfunctions, hot spots, in order to program and quickly proceed with maintenance or replacements. Analist InfraPRO provides a report that documents the anomalies identified in the PV farm.

The new version of InfraPRO includes advanced features including:

– color palette change;
– maximum and minimum temperature display;
– anomalies report;
– point temperature measurement.

Watch the video:

Workflow with Analist InfraPRO

The thermographic data acquired with the flight of the drone equipped with a thermal imager are processed with Pix4Dmapper which generates the Reflectance Map containing all the thermal information of the inspected area. In this map, the hottest areas (hot spots) characterized by a color that tends to white will be clearly visible, while the colder areas will appear much darker. Analist InfraPRO imports the reflectance map and produces a detailed report which lists all the criticalities detected, identifying their position in the photovoltaic field.

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