How to generate immediate NDVI from Agrowing multispectral images with AgroSENSE in Analist CLOUD

AgroSENSE: timely and accurate NDVI

The calculation of NDVI is simple and immediate with AgroSENSE in Analist CLOUD.The main features of the AgroSENSE technology are:

  • timely and immediate results
  • processing simplicity and speed
  • intuitive, simple workflow

The AgroSENSE module in Analist CLOUD is an intuitive and simple tool for NDVI generation and crop health maps creation. Analist CLOUD is now available in the subscription version which has all the functions of the perpetual lisence and the convenience in accessibility.

AgroSENSE NDVI generation procedure in Analist CLOUD

The steps to follow to attain accurate timely NDVI are few and simple. They will be shown in a series of images below.

  1. Multispectral image from Agrowing modified QX1 camera acquisition in AgroSENSE
  2. Automatic image alignment
  3. NDVI calculation and result
  4. Detailed report creation


1. Multispectral image from Agrowing modified QX1 camera acquisition in AgroSENSE

Pic. 1 Multispectral image importation into AgroSENSE Analist
Pic. 1 Multispectral image importation into AgroSENSE Analist

The image of our interest is selected and fed into Analist.


2 and 3. Automatic image alignment – NDVI calculation and result

Pic. 2 NDVI Index attained
Pic. 2 NDVI Index attained

The software then proceeds with the automatic alignment of the image. In the picture above we can see the NIR zone on the right and the RGB zone on the left. The channels which are invoved in the NDVI calculation are the NIR and the RED (NIR-RED/NIR+RED). The RGB and the NIR are overlapped (aligned) in order to attain the NDVI. AgroSENSE in Analist CLOUD automatically aligns the pics allowing in addition the possibility to intervene manually whenever the circumstances require it.


Pic. 3 Colour Palette Setting Options in AgroSENSE
Pic. 3 Colour Palette Setting Options in AgroSENSE

The colour palette enables the choice of different colours in the NDVI image representation.


4. Detailed NDVI Report

Pic. 4 NDVI Report in AgroSENSE
Pic. 4 NDVI Report in AgroSENSE

AgroSENSE in Analist CLOUD immediately generates the NDVI report as represented in the picture.



All the advantages of the Subscription with Analist CLOUD

With the introduction of the subscription, the new purchase option offers customers a lower entry price and allows purchase your software with fixed-term licenses to meet a variety of business needs and budgetary considerations. The annual options offer cost savings for the medium and long term needs.


AgroSENSE DJI Matrice 100 complete Solution

The AgroSENSE technology allows for a much faster workflow. The modified Sony QX1 is seamlessly mounted to a DJI Matrice 100 for remote imagery acquistion. With the new technology no massive quantity of frames is required, no overlapping thus no lengthy processing times. One simple photo processed by AgroSENSE in Analist CLOUD provides the NDVI index for a first immediate evaluation of the surveyed area. With the AgroSENSE Matrice 100 Solution with the modified Sony QX1 Camera we have the possibility to promptly access vital information on macro-areas for first impact timely evaluations.

Analist CLOUD AgroSENSE Module Benefits:

  • Immediate and timely results
  • Simple and fast processing
  • Extant DSS
  • Timely targetd interventions
  • Time saving
  • Resource saving

The AgroSENSE Matrice 100 Solution includes: the DJI Matrice 100 Drone + modified Sony QX1 camera + Analist CLOUD AgroSENSE module.


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