The complete Solution for Industrial Inspection

The use of the Drone allows to periodically monitor industrial sites, providing highly professional results thanks to advanced thermographic sensors, multispectral sensors and RGB for the acquisition of infrared and visible images.

Data acquisition with Drones is applied in the energy and industrial sectors, to guarantee:

  • rapidity and repetitiveness of the relief,
  • no risk to people / things during the survey,
  • no interruption of site activities,
  • georeferenced precision,
  • minimum costs for securing the area,
  • reduced overhead costs and maximum effectiveness.

Surveying with the Drone returns a dataset which once processed software, such as Analist Cloud, Pix4Dmapper and OneRay-RT, provides photogrammetric and georeferenced information, fundamental the 3D reconstruction of the industrial site.

The use of the solution allows you to draw many advantages, in addition to the accuracy of the data obtained, which together with the acquisition speed and the zero risk for the operators make the ideal solution for monitoring and surveying the areas.

The main application sectors are:

  • surveys on contaminated sites for assessment of risk situations
  • topographic mapping of impervious areas
  • infrared thermography for civil and industrial applications
  • aerial monitoring of photovoltaic fields and wind farms for verification of faulty modules and controls (also with infrared)
  • aerial monitoring of industrial plants and energy production plants
  • inspections in construction areas
  • monitoring of high-voltage power lines
  • inspections in areas affected by natural disasters (floods, fires)
  • monitoring of monumental assets and archaeological sites

these are just some examples of application of the solution.


There are two solutions for monitoring industrial sites, one using the Parrot Bebop PRO Thermal to fly over large sites and to capture frames, the other uses the Matrix 210 equipped with Zenmuse XT Flir camera, for extensive applications, with maximum performance during data acquisition.

Industrial Site Monitoring Solution workflow with Parrot Bebop PRO Thermal

Once the industrial site under investigation has been identified, data acquisition takes only a few minutes. In fact, the operations to be followed are:

  • Flight and frame acquisition with the Parrot Bebop PRO Thermal
  • Capture photos with DJI Phantom 4 Pro 2.0
  • Processing photos with Pix4Dmapper
  • Generation of thermographic reports with Analist Cloud 2019
  • Representation of the site being monitored with OneRay-RT
  • Archiving and sharing of monitoring on the RealBIM Cloud Platform

Workflow: Flight and acquisition of thermographic images with Parrot Bebop PRO Thermal, Processing with Pix4Dmapper and Analist Cloud, Representation with OneRay-RT

Flight and Frame Acquisition. The flight over the industrial site is carried out with the Parrot Bebop PRO Thermal for the acquisition of visual and thermal images, quickly providing an overview of the site and identifying the areas with thermal dispersions. The Parrot Bebop PRO Thermal, thanks to the Freeflight Thermal APP, transmits and records photos and videos, can switch from the RGB camera to the thermal video camera at any time.


Flight and Data Acquisition with DJI Phantom 4 PRO 2.0. The flight can over the industrial site is also performed with the DJI Drone Phantoma 4 PRO 2.0. The nadirial flight allows you to capture the frames for the creation of the 3D model of the area being monitored.

Processing photos with Pix4Dmapper. The sequence of images acquired from the flight of the DJI Phantom 4 PRO 2.0 Drone is processed with Pix4Dmapper, the software for automatic photogrammetry, for the creation of 3D model and high-precision orthomosaic of the overflown area.


Ortofoto Sito industriale


Generation of thermographic reports with Analist Cloud. With Analist Cloud INFRAPRO, the specific application for thermographic analysis, you obtain a detailed report of the problems with the relative temperatures. Suitable for inspections of industrial sites and renewable energy plants for the detection of malfunctions or breakages.

Site representation with OneRay-RT. After importing the acquired and processed data, the Software allows to insert a series of industrial assets on the pre-existing site.

Monitoring and sharing of the monitoring. The RealBIM cloud platform allows the storage and sharing of survey data with the Drone and of the results of the visual and thermal image processing. RealBIM is equipped with a time schedule, essential to analyze all the phases of monitoring and for comparative analysis of thermal and non-thermal processing.