The new version of Analist enables volume calculation in a point cloud

The new Analist 2020 function “Plie Volume” allows you to calculate the volumes of piles in a point cloud. This new feature is very simple to use: just trace the outline of the pile with a Polyline3d on the point cloud and you’re done.


Pile Calculation on a point cloud with Analist

The volume is calculated with regards to an ideal surface interpolated by the contour of the polyline which identifies the region to be computed.

In the event that the area on which the pile stands is planar and your estimation is that it is on a region which starts from the minimum quota of the delimitation region, it is necessary to choose the “Minimum quota volume” option.

Publication of the result

Analist 2020 implements a new feature which allows you to present the results of your processing on a SmartPhone. This enables you to share the results and work in BIM environment, i.e. you can share the projects with the customer as well as with the work team

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The potential is enormous and opens up a whole new range of opportunities.

Frame the QR code below with your SmartPhone to view the result.

NB: If you are using a SmartPhone, CLICK HERE to see the result